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About Us

Our Story is the fresh online fashion store here to empower, inspire and express. As much as we didn't want to make it obvious, YES, we are the new kids on the block, and we are here to stay. 

The idea behind mo.bestore started way back in 2010 but was only executed in December 2019. Our original plan was to open physical stores but our launches in Los Angeles, London, Singapore and Dubai were brought to a halt due to the impacts of COVID-19, stopping us in our tracks before our idea had the chance to take off.

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In the midst of the global pandemic, was determined to avoid laying anyone off and made the decision to branch out into an exciting new venture – our online store. This involved retraining the existing team to pick up new skills. That's why updating the content on the website has been taking a while so the next time you encounter any glitches on the website, it's the crew’s fault. But that's how was born; a place to showcase our designs. Despite an unprecedented and slightly unconventional start, we are here to stay, offering premium clothing with a story.

Our Vision

As a young brand, we are without a doubt here to innovate, paving the way for fashion. We give careful attention to the design, quality and message with our items holding deeper meaning. Despite their differences and unique messages, each of our collections are united in one common goal; to empower, inspire and express.

Here at, we believe that life is about more than just existing. Life is about having the freedom to express your authentic self, your beliefs and your personal sense of style without fear of judgement. It's about experimenting with your style and having the confidence to own it.
We want to be more than just a clothing brand. Our garments are every bit as bold and brave as our upcoming designers. Our goal is to allow people to express themselves and help upcoming designers take their first step by showcasing their collections on We are here to help you live the life of your dreams, all whilst wearing clothing crafted by fellow dreamers and creators.

Our Process

Our designers are truly at the heart of our brand, which is why we were keen to retain our existing in-store team, learning the intricacies of e-commerce as we go along.
The best clothing has a deeper layer, which is why each of our premium clothing collections will feature its designer’s story, along with some background on how the collection came to fruition.
We believe that clothing should be relatable, empowering, and more than simply ‘something to wear’.
We hope that in allowing our designers to express their truest self through their work, our pieces will retain that authentic feel, providing comfort and empowerment in equal measure.

Why shop with

Empower. Each of our unique collections will empower you to embody your authentic sense of style in every setting. We believe that your fashion choices should lift you up each and every day.
Inspire. Allow the individuality of our pieces to inspire your own creativity and beliefs. Each of our garments are stitched with a unique message and story in mind. Let this inspire you to tell yours.
Express. Our designers are here to provide you with the perfect balance of the most on trend designs and artistic innovation, sprinkled with an extra layer of meaning, allowing you to truly express yourself with the clothes you wear.

Our Current Collections signature. Our signature collection comprises of a range of premium quality smart-casual wear. This versatile collection is ideally suited to every setting, whether you are in the office, out with friends or lounging at home.
au.ra. The au.ra collection features all the current trends in premium streetwear. With its bold and brave designs, there is bound to be something in this range that speaks to your trendiest self.
in.vent. in.vent is for the dreamers and the risk-takers. Jam-packed with new-age concepts and innovative premium clothing designs, this collection is a platform for our designers to create brand-new concepts free from constraints. Our activewear collection is perfectly crafted for the ultimate in precision, comfort and experience. As versatile as it is performance-orientated, this collection will suit those looking for high-quality activewear that can seamlessly double up as premium streetwear.
cause. Our cause collection is all about giving our designers a voice, allowing them to support the causes closest to their hearts. Cause is a safe space for expression, healing and unity. A percentage of the profits from this collection are donated to hand-selected charitable organizations.

Every new collection will feature the designers story and their designs for a limited time. All interested designers can reach out vis DMs, or through the contact us form on the website. 

For the legal stuff: 
We have a physical presence in London, Dubai, Singapore, LA and in Toronto and there is our official registered address:
29X Harrowsmith Drive,

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